Earlier today I saw an image online that sparked my interest. It was an image of a sunflower that was losing its petals but had a few that were still in tact and the caption of the photo was “even as your petals fall – how are you continuing to bloom?”

This really got me thinking. 

I make so many mistakes, at times I give so much and the lack of reciprocity leaves me feeling drained – both physically and emotionally. But I always have to remember that everything is working together, leading me to something greater no matter how small the setback may be. 

As your petals fall, how are you continuing to bloom? 

Life is a series of events set up to push you into the right direction, set up to trigger the process of Becoming Who You Are. If you let it… In that I mean this: 

God has already given you everything you need to be the person that He has called you to be. All you need to do is accept that person and when you accept that person you become that person. 

You won’t be beautiful one day. You’re beautiful today because you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God (Psalm 139:14). You won’t flourish one day. You’re flourishing everyday. Everyday, as you take the necessary steps to becoming the person you know you can be through Christ, you’re flourishing. Often making mistakes, yes, but flourishing nonetheless.

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Accept your mistakes with open arms because they just show that there is room for progression. If you’re not professing, your regressing and if you’re not regressing you’re stagnant. Stagnancy only leads to complacency. Progression leads to fulfilment, purpose.

Continue giving yourself the opportunity to learn. To grow. To be emotional but also to be logical and prayerful because in all things you need to find the right balance (Proverbs 11:1). 

You are a lily rising from murky waters. Bloom, Flower Child 🌻 
Peace & love xoxo 


Prisoner of Christ

You know how sometimes, you read certain scriptures but you only begin to understand the depth of that scripture when you realise that your life is kind of reflecting and relating to that scripture? 

That is my current situation. I used to read Ephesians 3:1 and think “oh…yeah Paul is a prisoner of Christ…okay” but when I really thought about it, that small verse carries so much depth. 

It’s astonishing to me how you can be free in Christ (john 8:36) and still be a prisoner of Christ. What does it even mean to be a prisoner of Christ???

Well, in general when you’re imprisoned by someone that means that person has the authority over you, you essentially belong to them. That sense of ownership means that you can not do ANYTHING without first consulting them, and receiving acceptance and approval from them. The carnal mind thinks of imprisonment as a sign of entrapment, bondage and captivity. 

But the bible says that we, as children of God, are free. 

Sometimes I like to conclude my day with a scripture or devotion or some praise and worship…whilst other days, I feel more of a desire to just ‘relax’, binge on some Netflix and feed my soul on things that add no value to my life whatsoever. Lately as I’ve been walking more and more with the Holy Spirit I still have the desire to just spend more time watching TV than reading my bible, call up anyone I can to hear what the latest gossip is or just binge on Netflix…but I literally can’t. As in…whenever I try to do something, or begin doing something that I probably shouldn’t do or waste my time on, I feel a tug that only gets more intense the more i indulge in those things. And then I realised…I am literally a prisoner of Christ. 

Over the past few months I have learned the importance of seeking the approval of God before making a move no matter how small that move may appear to be. I am literally a prisoner of Christ. 

As human beings we will always have desires of the flesh, it’s normal, but we are not called to walk after in flesh but after in the Spirit and the more we do so, the less likely we are to fulfil those fleshly desires (Galatians 5:16). 

I am in this state of imprisoment yet I’ve never felt more free! What a strange life a Christian lives. 

Story time….

When I was young, about 14/15, I used to play basketball with my classmates. This one particular time was different. I don’t know how but as one player was throwing the ball to me I caught it, but the ball hit my thumb pretty hard. 

No idea why, but everyone around me just stopped and looked at me in shock. I was so confused because in my head I was thinking “why aren’t we carrying on with the game”… that’s when I looked down to my hand and realised that as the ball hit my thumb on my left hand it actually broke half of my thumb nail off and my whole thumb was covered… blood. Before I had even looked at my thumb I felt nothing, no pain or uncomfort but as soon as I looked down I felt an immense sense of pain and I almost cried. 

As I got older I’ve used this story as a metaphor…often I’ve been through things and I’ve held my head up high in faith but there came a time when the situation was so bad and I stopped for a moment just to observe it, and to really look at the trial that I was going through. The times I’ve stopped, the times I’ve looked down at my situation are the times I feel the hardness of it the most. These are the times I felt like I should just give up. 

Just like my fellow classmates were the first ones to realise my broken nail and bloody thumb, often it is the people around you who are the ones that distract you and cause you to worry, fear or stress. They are quick to try and amplify a bad situation but slow to try and help you build your faith. 

The bible teaches us not to observe lying vanities because if we do, we’re forsaking our own mercy ( Jonah 2:8). Just keep your eyes on Jesus, fix your eyes on Him in faith. The same faith you use to keep your eyes fixed on Him, is the same faith that is going to guide you out of that situation. 

Don’t stop to look down and observe the rocky road you’re on, don’t listen to what other people are saying just keep going forward with your eyes straight ahead. 

Peace & love xoxo 

New things

“Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:19‬ ‭KJV‬‬

Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking of the “good old days”. We feel an immense sense of nostalgia and longing to relive our past days as, perhaps, a part of us feels like maybe what we experienced before was as good as it could get. 

If we read Isaiah 43:18-19, we see God telling us to forget the past, forget those good old days because He is fixing to do something new, something even better than what we had previously experienced. 

Don’t forget what God has done for you but also don’t make the mistake of believing that that was as good as it gets. Don’t limit God by comparing the ‘now’ to the ‘then’. 

One thing I’ve learned is that God is full of surprises, we can’t anticipate the works of His hand, neither can we comprehend them. All we have to do is believe that what is coming is going to be better than what already left. 

Peace and love xoxo 

Walking on Water 

Matthew 14:28  And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

Life is unpredictable. I believe that it’s the unpredictability that often causes us to feel lost, as though we have no control. The desire to be in control and know the occurrences of tomorrow is in our nature, much like the desire to plan ahead.

I get it. You want to feel a certain level of order and control in your life so you plan that by 18, you make it into the University of your choice, by 21 you graduate and begin pursuing your career and perhaps by 24/25 you’re happily married. Maybe some of you have plans which are different, plans which don’t involve University, plans that are a lot more detailed or less detailed than that, but I’m sure we’ve all had moments whereby we sit and think about what our lives should be like at particular stages.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with planning, however, there is everything wrong with not seeking God and His will prior to the planning. Often at times we make our own plans and then try to hold God captive to our plans or desires by blaming Him when He doesn’t grant them, as opposed to blaming ourselves for not seeking His approval of our plans and desires. Yes, He said He grants our heart’s desires (Psalm 37:4) but we also need to have the ability to lay down our desires and seek God’s desires and will for us (Ephesians 5:17), as He is the only One who knows the end of a thing from its beginning (Isaiah 46:10). 

I chose the scripture above as I believe it is a beautiful yet simple illustration of seeking God and whether or not He approves of your desires and plans. Before Peter stepped onto the water he first and foremost asked Jesus “…If it be thou…”. Yes, he desired to walk on the water, yes he desired to have that experience but he also wanted to be 100% sure that it was Jesus on the water before taking action.

Before stepping into the unknown, be sure to ask God if it is Him. That literally makes no sense, I know but what I mean is, be sure to ask God if it is His will, His plan, His desire and then that way you know to step into the unknown with boldness because you’re certain that yes, it is Jesus beckoning you to walk on the unpredictable waves of a sea that I call life. 

The Bible states that we should acknowledge God in all of our ways (Proverbs 3:6) and with that acknowledgement, comes the privilege of being directed by Him. We cannot expect God to direct us when we don’t even acknowledge Him. We cannot expect our lives to succeed if we do not seek Him first.

I believe you just have to find the right balance between claiming certain things by faith because it is still God’s desire to grant you your heart’s desire, but also claiming things through a revelation of God’s will for you.

peace & love xoxo 

Anchored Faith

Matthew 15:26-27 But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children’s bread, and to cast it to dogs.”And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table. KJV 

This scripture really amazes me. Jesus literally called her a dog. Imagine the faith she had built up after hearing about all of the amazing things Jesus had done, all of the blessings He had given and the miracles He had performed, only for Jesus to firstly ignore her (Matthew 15:23) and then go on to call her a dog. 

In this day and age I’m sure there would be people who’d turn away in a rage and say “me? A dog? How dare you? I came here for healing and you’re calling me a dog?!”. Imagine the amount of people who would’ve gone away with shattered hopes and dreams. 

But not this Canaanite woman. She held on because she still believed that only Jesus had the healing power that she had been looking for. She even went as far as to believe Him! She didn’t even question Him, she actually acknowledged what He had said and agreed saying, “yes I know I am a dog, but can’t the dogs eat the tiny  crumbs?” Now that is faith. 

A faith that is so anchored in the Word that it can’t be moved. 

Some of us get discouraged when we pray and God answers and says “not yet”, but to this woman Jesus literally said “no” but she was persistence and she still believed that only He could save her and with humility, she held onto that belief. 

Listen. If Jesus can answer this woman and give her her heart’s desire, meanwhile the blessings weren’t even meant for her or her people and were only meant for the Israelites (Matthew 15:24) then how much more us? His children, a chosen generation (1 Peter 2:9). 

We know we are His children, so why wouldn’t He be able to grant us our hearts desires? Well, He most certainly can, but it’s our lack of faith that causes us to lie within the same issues and troubles day in and day out… year in and year out. Nothing is impossible and these blessings are meant for us! His children! 

Lastly, This woman had to persisntently hold on until Jesus answered her. She was blessed because she believed Him. She believed Him because she Had seen Him and heard of everything He had done and that ultimately gave her faith. 

We have never physically seen Jesus but we still believe Him (John 20:29). We’re blessed for believing Him without actually having seen him.


We are blessed. We just need to have faith in order to receive the blessings. 
It all begins with faith

Don’t have a wavering faith that comes and goes but let your faith be anchored in His word and watch God move in your life.

peace and love xoxo

Don’t Let 2016 Define You!

Matthew Winters (Comeback Pastor)

Thoughts have been flowing, so I don’t mean to bombard my Facebook page and other social media. I just know that some of those who will read this are going to continue to live in the mistakes and hardships of 2016 and not let go. I want to declare to you today that your financial mistakes this year do not have to define you. Bad relationships in 2016 don’t have to define you. Horrible things you said and did don’t have to define you. A divorce, a straying child, or anything that happened in 2016 does not have to define you.

The consequences may still exist, but you don’t have to live in guilt if this stems from something you have done wrong. The blood of Jesus Christ can cleanse anything if you confess and turn from it. If this relates to something that happened to you that is out…

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Looking to the Unseen

Hebrews 12:2 looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God – KJV 

We go through situations and we often wonder how we could ever come out. We worry and stress. We become anxious and fearful.

We feel this way because we look at the things which are seen as opposed to looking at the unseen.

Jesus endured the Cross because He recognised the joy set before Him! He had faith and knew that Joy would come in the morning! So He held onto that and endured!

Evidently, we are not Jesus and we can only see that which is visible to the human eye, but God is able to open your eyes of faith so that you learn to lean upon Him and not unto your own understanding (Proberbs 3:5).

Ask God to open your eyes of faith that you may look at, and hold onto the things which are unseen, so that you have the strength to endure everything you go through, knowing that those unseen things are eternal  (2 Corinthians 4:18), and that they lie right before you.

Jesus endured the Cross because He was looking at the joy set before Him. We often go through situations and trials first, in order to truly appreciate the joy that is waiting for us after. After all, victory is experienced through  the battles that we overcome.

One final point… Jesus died knowing that there is access to eternal life through His death and resurrection, as long as we believe in Him (John 11:25-26). This shows that nothing worth having comes easy, as what comes easy will not last and what lasts will not come easy. 

Remember, it’s always darkest before dawn. 🌞

peace & love xoxo

Preparing for a storm, trusting God.

Beautiful post!

For the past two days we have been preparing for a storm at work. Having many meetings with updates on the location of the storm, the strength of the storm and all the preparations that are expected for each department to handle.

And through it all, I’m happy I have God to trust. I see people being stressed, having mood changes and undeciceble on what actions to take. All of these attitudes are understandable as we don’t know what to expect the upcoming days. However I see a difference in the people that believe in God, I see a difference in myself and this is an amazing experience.

The unbelievers are dealing with two storms: the storm from the outside and the storm they are feeling in the inside. While the ones that trust in God are only dealing with one storm, which is the storm from the outside.


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